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gotvintage offers a wide range of high-quality original vintage, industrial as well as modern items for any kind of event. We appreciate the high quality and uniqueness every single vintage object brings with it. Hence, we lovingly care for and restore our inventory as true to original as possible, and we also reupholster antique chairs with modern fabrics.

We love mismatching but we also stock many homogeneous items in greater amounts; such as vintage chairs, golden cutlery, charger plates made of glass with gold rim, as well as modern wine and champagne glasses and some of our vintage tableware.

Ask us if there is anything you are looking for but cannot find. We love the challenge of fulfilling your wishes!

We look back on decades of experience in film production. We are the perfect partner to help you plan, coordinate and take care of the logistics for your event regardless of its scale: big or small, we know how important your event is to you.

On-Site Support

We offer our on-site support on a daily basis. With an eye for the nitty-gritty, we take care of the preparation of your event so that you can relax and enjoy it. We are the perfect solution to ensure all aesthetic details have been taken care of before your guests arrive.


We are on hand with help and advice for you any time. Following an initial phone call to find out about your expectations and budget, we will send you our ideas for individual product recommendations.

Full Package Design, Style & Planning

gotvintage also offers a full design and style package and are happy to provide: location, rental, flowers, decorative and event coordination. We will make sure that all details have been taking care of, so that you can enjoy your event.

Thanks to our experience with film set construction we can also offer professional decoration, ranging from a simple printed background to the construction of “sets” that will add a theme to your event. For example, we could provide a realistic looking medieval castle wall. Almost every idea is feasible, so let your imagination run riot!

Details regarding rates, procedure and possibilities will be discussed individually during a personal conversation/telephone call.